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Why choose Limelight as an artist?

Upload your music free of charge on Limelight, and let us help you get discovered as an artist. We will make sure that your target group listen to your music. Limelight learns about the listener’s taste in music. Our algorithm will automatically match your tracks with listeners who prefer music like yours.

You keep your copyright to your music!

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You will get following extensive feedback from your listeners for free:
  • Learn exactly what your listeners prefer. You'll get a trend of when in your track your listeners up-vote and down-vote while listening to your track – to help you develop as an artist.
  • Related artists you share your listeners with - both internationally and locally. Contact them through Limelight, and possibly find a new creative partner.
  • An overview of your total plays (and per track)
  • An overview of your total rating (and per track)
  • Learn about your audience (location, age and gender)

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Personal Radio

The 'Personal Radio' is at the heart of the Limelight experience. Based on your genre specific preferences an up-and-coming artist's song will play.


You can either 'like' or 'dislike' a song. Liking a song will add it to a playlist and update your music preferences. Disliking a song will make sure that you will not hear music similar to this in the future.


In the menu you’ll be able to check out what's trending on Limelight across genres, view your playlists, check up on your followed artists, do manual searches and change your settings.

Followed Artists

In the 'Followed Artists' section you’ll be able to keep track of the latest songs from your favorite artists on Limelight.

About us

Limelight is a new music streaming platform with a focus on up-and-coming artists. Discover new music or be discovered as an artist.

Free to use and no annoying ads!

If you’re a music lover, who loves finding new up-and-coming music, Limelight is the platform for you. Finding music tailored to your exact preferences have never been easier.

Limelight – Where music finds you!


Fall 2017

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