About Limelight Music

About Limelight

We decided to develop a music platform that would help ensure that the best up-and-coming artists actually got discovered. This was the reason why we founded Limelight Music in the summer of 2016.

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Company Information

Limelight Music ApS
Hillerødgade 2, 3. tv
Copenhagen, Denmark

VAT ID Number Denmark

Anders Nygaard (Founding Partner)
Qadar Ahmed (Founding Partner)
Emil Lauridsen (Partner & CTO)
Kristoffer Hunnerup Lohse Kabat (Partner & Web)
Aksel Jessen (Partner & App)
Mikkel Jørgensen - Syntac Studios (App)
Claus Lynglund - Lynglund (Design)
Freja Becker Anthonsen (Head of Music Relations)
Malthe Hartvigsen (Music Relations)